Budget Reform

Illinois has been in financial trouble for decades. Coming from a fiscally responsible district — as John refers to, ”a fiscally Libertarian District" — it is important to John to stand fast in supporting fiscal responsibility in Springfield.
In 2016, a majority of tax increase measures on the ballot failed to receive support. These ballot results proved to the Mathey Campaign Team that the district does not favor higher taxes and if that trend continues, John will reciprocate his voting behavior in the state capitol. Transparency and responsibility are both key tenants to Johns view on Illinois budget reform.   


Keeping in line with "fiscal Libertarianism,” the school districts within the 70th District have made it a goal to provide both a quality education for the youth and minimizing the tax burden on the community.
Unfortunately, this meant schools have had to subsidize class sizes, cut staff and consider alternatives to stretch every dollar for its worth. It is John's belief that the states centralized public school model has infringed upon the local school districts from making decisions best left up to the communities that elect them.

Criminal Justice Reform

The United States of America, the great state of Illinois and the communities within the 70th District have been affected by policies that incarcerated more than 25 percent of all the worlds prisoners.
Our current criminal justice system is incredibly flawed. Due to these overseen problems, any issues occurred such as: over population in prisons, high repeat offense rates and millions of tax payer dollars wasted on an outdated policy. John believes instead of being "hard on crime it is time for Illinois to be ‘smart on crime.’ " What we have now is without a doubt harming the people of Illinois, especially those who are most vulnerable among us.

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