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John working at a construction site for Mathey Masonry.
John working at a construction site for Mathey Masonry.

Home Grown

John Eldon Mathey was born in DeKalb on April 22, 1994, to Doug (Sycamore) and Kristina (DeKalb) Mathey. He is a father to two sons Liam, 4 and Levi, 3. He and his family of two boys are lifelong members of DeKalb County. John is a homeowner in Cortland where he resides with his sons.

John is a graduate of Sycamore High school, class of ’12, where he resided in the city of Sycamore for his first 18 years. He played baseball, basketball, cross-country, swimming and track and earned varsity letters in cross-country, swimming and track his senior year. Following high school, he has since lived in Cortland to attend Kishwaukee Community College — briefly exploring key courses in science and mathematics, aiding his passion of S.T.E.M. and education — and to raise his family.

He currently works for the family business, Mathey Masonry Inc., and has been doing small, local union labor for the past five years.

Why he's running

John has decided to run for office because he has always seen value in serving his community, and he sees how he can help strengthen the district that he and his family have always loved.

“Not only do I understand the issues, but I am invested in this community,” John said. “I want to be the voice of the 70th District and take our values to Springfield.”

While growing up in a small town community, John was ingrained at a young age to value and do his part in his community. Whether it was through school programs or church outreach, John always looked to make his community a better place.

“As a homeowner and a parent raising children in the district, I am looking toward the future and I want to see that our future will not be forgotten.” John said. “I am that person that will not put your needs on the back burner.”

Jace Pesina

Campaign Manager

Jace is a resident of Cortland, Illinois. He is a graduate of Sycamore High School, and he is a volunteer at a local fire department. He is also the Vice Chair of the Libertarian Party of DeKalb County Illinois.

Ciara Ihm

Volunteer Coordinator

Ciara is a relatively new resident of Cortland, Illinois. She has volunteered for multiple campaigns across the state. She has also donated her photography to many Libertarian functions around the state.

Chase Renwick

Media Coordinator

Chase is a long time resident of DeKalb County. He is a graduate of Northern Illinois University where he received a Bachelors degree in Management. He has actively volunteered in our community for the past 15 years.

Ashley Black

Campaign Treasurer

Ashley is a long time resident of Cortland Illinois. She has donate much of her time to helping community events in the area, including work at the Cortland Library

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